Why Standing is Not so Simple


 reclaimed wood, metal, plaster, lighting elements, chain


I wanted to create an environment that combined structural ruins and elements of the home in a precarious manner, provoking a dual experience of familiarity and unease. The concept of balance was important for the work; Stacked and suspended large cabinets towered over the viewer forming walls and archways to pass through. Elements of the work were incorporated into the existing structure of the museum: holes cut into walls with light fixtures embedded, metal bars bent and cut into the window covering.  Towards the back of the installation was a darken enclosed area, which referenced a hidden space….a room within a room.

Why Standing is Not so Simple  was realized over a period of 8 months. I worked with 6 architectural salvage experts in a 200 mile radius to collect the materials for the project searching for scraps, damaged wood or metal, incomplete sets… overall, to reclaim parts that were not wanted. Following through with the process of collecting, re-arranging and ultimately editing down into a pieced framework of larger structure.