the fly finds its being in roundness


plastic, tape, vibrator, flies


Installation of a ceiling divider in an unused grain silo; Heavily infested with flies, the ground floor of this tower was converted into a viewing area to witness the trapping and teasing of the infestation.

This installation was in direct response to architecture of the site and the infestation of flies in the space. Over a 3 week period, plastic sheeting created a barrier between the viewer and swarms of flies which flourished at the very top of the room. As the flies’ life cycle completed, they would drop and collect in masses on the plastic sheeting. A constant buzz echoed in the space, which was also emphasized by the plastic material.

With this installation, I wanted to entice the viewer into the room. As someone entered, the space initially appeared harmless and the experience of being inside a silo provoked the first reaction. The second response came about more slowly as the viewer explored upwards and realized the collection of flies above. There was this duality… of wanting to stay in the space because being in the roundness a silo offers is not a common experience for most; however, there was also this intense repulsion by the mass amount of decaying flies and the consistent low buzz of the insects increasingly grew louder with awareness.