I move from place to place: seeking out unnoticed locations, architecture, scavenging for discarded furnishings, packing/unpacking, interacting with the local community… I am interested in our behavior towards objects, preservation, associated memories, what defines a place as ‘familiar’, and the consideration of usefulness. 

My process of finding materials is habituated to an interaction with the community. The custom of meeting local storeowners, architectural salvage specialists, collectors, invitations into people’s home and exploring neighborhoods are research. I have found that pursuing a dialogue in the exchange of materials offers a history of the possessions that we carry from place to place.  It leads to questions dealing with identity, origins, preservation, value, inventiveness and methods of being resourceful.

The adjustment to a new environment, culture, set of rules highly informs the concept of my work. My ambition as an artist is to offer and engage viewers in site-specific installation experiences