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Process Videos

Vanessa Diaz installation art process, site- specific art , contemporary sculpture, travel, location, objects, furniture, performance

Video Compilations of Process

Repetitive descents down a stairway, sofa cushions sinking from body weight, a footpath matted into the hallway carpet, the height of a light switch on the wall…. My practice explores routine interactions of the residential experience to further develop strategies of customizing objects and architecture as a method of claiming space.




Vanessa Diaz works with materials that might be best described as salvage. These include items cleared from buildings before demolition and/or worn out or abandoned items donated to thrift stores. Diaz's inventory includes architectural elements, such as door moldings, stair rails, drapes, lighting fixtures, chairs and tables. Much of the material is heavy, ornamental and dilapidated—reminiscent of a distant but undetermined past.